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Customer Reviews of our Dog Kennels & Cat Hotel

"Stella joined our family two years ago from a rescue centre and is now a very settled and happy little dog. When she first arrived she was very depressed and frightened so when we were invited to a family event and could not take her with us we were very worried about putting her in kennels for the night. We need not have worried. Derek and Lynda were so caring and kind and we were delighted when Stella came home clearly having enjoyed her stay with her new friends. She has returned several times since. Llanstinan is more like a substitute home than a boarding kennels and we would strongly recommend you take a visit and meet the team and see the excellent facilities for yourself."

Amy Webb

"These kennels are really good. They meet all the animal's requirements and more. The dogs get plenty of regular exercise and are all treated with loving care. The kennels are scrupulously cleaned every day and are spotless on arrival and departure. Our Labrador obviously enjoys his stay as he drags us in through the gates. There is absolutely no problem in getting him to stay at his holiday home. We would recommend your kennels unreservedly to any one who asks."

Anna Merriman

"I have boarded my cocker spaniel Tailor, with Lynda and Derek many times over the last 6 years and I have never found anywhere better. Tailor rushes in with a wagging tail and I am greeted with a happy, healthy dog on return. His excellent experience in kennels means I can relax knowing he is well looked after and loved. Lynda and Derek clearly enjoy looking after dogs and they have a real understanding for each individual dog's needs. I like the fact that the kennels are all very big, and all the staff give the dogs plenty of time and attention and lots of exercise. I wouldn't want to take Tailor anywhere else and I have recommended many people who now use Llanstinan Kennels regularly. It really is a fantastic second home for Tailor."

Angela Richmond

"Sugar stayed at Llanstinan Kennels for two weeks and she quite obviously got far more exercise than I give her. She came back fitter and very happy with the whole experience. Many thanks for taking such great care of her."

Richard Craig

"Bertie always enjoys his stays at Llanstinan and comes home in beautiful condition."

Geoff Davies

"My two Labrador girls (bred by Lynda), Daisy and Jenny have stayed at Llanstinan Kennels several times a year since we had them as puppies in 2006. Each time they have come home happy and healthy and we know they have been much loved by everyone at the kennels while we were away. They have always been able to accommodate both dogs together which is wonderful and we know that they get plenty of exercise when they are there. We would never board them anywhere else even though it takes us two hours to take them there."

Wendy and Michael Rees, Cardiff

"Llanstinan Kennels are exceptional kennels. It's a home from home for our Golden Retriever Sandy. I travel regularly on business, so Sandy spends an unusual amount of time in kennels and knowing that she is in very capable and safe hands makes leaving her that little bit easier. For Sandy it's such good fun at the kennels Kennels that she doesn't even look back as she runs to Lynda when we drop her off."

Davina Shepperton

"We moved to Pembrokeshire in 2003 with our 2 dogs, Boris and Bartie. We wanted to go on holiday so had to find somewhere for the dogs to go for their holiday. After looking at a couple of places we came across Llanstinan Kennels who had just set up boarding kennels. We decided to leave Boris and Bartie whilst we went off on holiday. Now I'm not saying the dogs weren't pleased to see us when we got back, but by the time we'd got home the dogs were asking when we would be going on our next holiday so they could stay at the kennels again. We are very pleased with the service from Llanstinan Kennels and completely trust the proprietors and staff there."

Hugh and James Cook

"I have always found Llanstinan Kennels excellent. They are large, airy, and very clean. My dog Sophie has been staying there since she was a pup and really loves it and is always in good condition when I fetch her. The owners have a great understanding and love of dogs."

Barry Nicholas

"We cannot recommend Llanstinan Kennels enough. Our lovely black lab Bruce has a lot of enthusiasm for life so we were determined to use a kennel we could trust. We needn't have worried about anything, when we left he didn't give so much as a backward glance and he had such a brilliant time he didn't want to come home! The owners and the girls took such good care of him that he came home thoroughly exhausted but extremely happy. The kennels themselves are spotless and the facilities are exactly what you would expect and more of a kennel of high class. I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend the kennels and Bruce definitely gives it his seal of approval - he can't wait for us to go away again so he can go back there."

Carol Green

"Molly and Tilly are regulars at Llanstinan Kennels, having been there on many of occasions when we are away. The reason we chose this Boarding Kennel was because I knew the dogs would have plenty of exercise, which for lively Weimeraners used to long daily walks off the lead this was of prime importance and I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the kennels. Molly always jumps out of the car wagging her tail when she arrives at the kennels, a sure sign that she is happy there. She is also a very fussy eater, but always eats very well when at the kennels. I would highly recommend this kennel for anyone considering boarding their dog."

Emily Brooks

"Sadie has stayed at the boarding kennels three times since May 2007 and we've been very pleased. She gets plenty of exercise, just the right amount of food, and lots of fuss! She's always extremely well looked after."

Paul Davies

"There is nothing better than to see your dogs eager and keen to leave the comfort of their car rush into the kennels, and then be in no rush to jump in upon collection."

David Johnson

"A well superbly run friendly family business. Everyone there worked hard to settle my dog in when she was a puppy and now she is excited and happy to visit. Its an enormous relief to know she is happy and so well cared for when we are on holiday."

Emily Harries

"Our young labrador really loves his holidays at the kennels. Jimmy gets very excited when he gets to the end of the kennel lane. This makes leaving him there so easy. When we pick him up he is always happy, healthy and clean. We always strongly recommend the kennels to all our friends who own dogs."

Sally Kennedy

"There are many reasons why we board Denis at Llanstinan Boarding Kennels. Lynda really loves her dogs so much you know all the dogs in the kennels will have the best care possible. When Denis arrives at the kennels, he is always excited to see Lynda. He always enjoys his stays and he is happy to return. We are very pleased with the care and attention he receives."

Jaqui and Paul Lewis

"We have been using Llanstinan Kennels for about 5 years now and our 2 spaniels Blackie and Rolo thoroughly enjoy their stays. Blackie is a bit of an escapologist but the dogs are certainly secure in the huge runs and spacious fields they are exercised in on the farm. We know they are exercised well and when they return home there is no sulking to contend with. We go away with peace of mind and can enjoy our time away knowing they are in safe hands. They pull to get in and they pull to get out! We can’t thank Lynda and Derek enough for their care and hard work."

Joanna Llewellyn

Sadie has stayed at the boarding kennels three times since May 2007 and we've been very pleased. She gets plenty of exercise, just the right amount of food, and lots of fuss! She's always extremely well looked after.
Paul Davies